Grain Bin Safety

We have been doing safety training for our employees here at Lakeland Feed & Supply on a regular basis and I got to thinking about our farmers in the field and their safety as well. In 2010 alone there were approximately 50 incidents where people were trapped in grain bins in the United States and half of those ended in fatalities. We can prevent this loss of our friends and family with a few minutes of safety and training. Know that the highest loss of life is mainly of our children aged 13-17 (who are invincible and don't fully understand the danger) and of our husbands, fathers and grandfathers aged 55 and older (who have been in bins their whole lives and think it can't happen to them).

While no statistics are 100% accurate, many in the grain industry itself feel that:

1). Over 95% of the cases in the past 40 years, involved an incident where there was no use of a lifeline that was secured properly.

2). Over 65% of the cases involved no attendant or observer.

3). Over 65% of the victims had no meaningful “hands‐on” training in the 12 months prior to the incident.

4). Fewer than 1 – 4% of the 900 cases involved anyone killed directly by a sweep auger.

5). Fewer than 4 ‐ 6% of the 900 cases involved toxic air in a dry grain bin.

The vast majority of these incidents were basically akin to a “Trench Collapse” in a grain bin, where the victim suffocated under grain.

Please take a few minutes and watch this video with your friends and family. Please share with any first responders and farmers you know. Above all be safe and careful the first time, you might not get a second chance. We don't want to lose any of you!

Michelle Buker

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