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Sheep Farm

Sheep & Goat Feeds


Sheep Max Plus

With 18% Protein, this is designed to be a complete feed or to supplement quality hay.

Available in 50lb bags


Rancher's Choice Sheep Mineral 

For free choice feeding. Available in 50lb bags. 


18% Sheep Tub with Chelates

Available in 125lb tubs


Advance Lamb Milk Replacer

Available in 25lb bags


Hubbard Lamb Milk Replacer

Available in 25lb bags


Lakeland Goat Ration

Designed for all classes of goats to be fed at a level to maintain good body condition. 

Available in 50lb bags


Redmond Goat Mineral Mix

Available in 5 & 25lb bags 

Pig Feed


Lakeland Early Swine Builder

 This feed is ideal for hogs 50-125lbs of body weight. During this growth stage, offer free choice feeding to your hogs. This feed contains 19% protein, 5% fat, and 1.2% lysine in an easy to eat, crumble form. 


Lakeland Swine Excel Finisher 

This feed is ideal for hogs weighing 220lbs or more. This feed is designed to properly finish your hog and be prepared for show day. Protein, lysine, and amino acids are lower in this feed as hogs do not need as much during this stage and copper is removed from the feed for cleaner hogs at fair time. 


Lakeland Swine Maintenance 

This feed is ideal for sows or other hogs which are not being grown for market. It has a higher fiber ration to help hogs feel full while maintaining body condition.

Lakeland Swine Advancement

 This feed is ideal for hogs that have reached 125lbs in  body weight. It contains 16% protein, 5% fat, and 1% lysine. At this stage, it is important to determine if your hog is on track to be at the ideal weight for your fair (240-280lbs). If your hog is not going to be at your targeted weight by the time of your fair, hand feeding 4-6 times per day will help increase the feed intake and encourage total weight gain. If your hog is gaining too much weight, hand feeding can also help regulate and lower the amount of daily gain.

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